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Victoria Teel offers not only her world renowned fan technique but also belly dance classes on VTTV. She has over 10 years of online teaching experience & shapes each course for easy understanding & dancer growth. So let's get started on your dance dreams!

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Two Types of Memberships

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Teel Fan + Belly Dance
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Belly Dance

Ways to Learn on VTTV

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LIVE Online Classes

Study LIVE with Victoria in a group class & get recording access to study later.

LIVE Online Classes
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Save more with our monthly & yearly memberships with access to our large video library!

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1-on-1 Coaching

Study directly with Victoria to reach your dance goals!

1-on-1 Coaching
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Study one belly dance topic at a time with our on-demand video library

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Study Victoria's signature fan style one topic at a time with our video library.

Find out what other dancers think about working with Victoria!
What Dancers Think

“Victoria is a breathtaking gem in the world of belly dance. She has a sharp eye to immediately point out what needs to be improved & shows you how to do it. She’ll provide performance feedback as well as drilling you to gain better technique with smart & challenging combinations for your level. Her friendly, positive & supporting attitude encourages you in every study session.”

Competition Winner

I have taken couple of courses and workshops with Victoria and they have been all great. All the courses have been on the zoom since I am on the West coast and she gives time to everyone to ask questions and explains the moves and demonstrates them in detail. BIG THANK YOU, I'll continue taking her amazing on line courses :)

Double Teel Fan Technique Student

Victoria is a wonderful teacher and does a great job fielding the questions as well as breaking down the choreo in digestible pieces.

Teel Fan Choreo Class Student

I fell in love with this course and the tecnique. Victoria is an amazing dancer and teacher

Double Teen Fan Choreography Student

I truly appreciate the simplicity Victoria Teel’s teaching method when breaking down the technique on how to use the fan veils

Teel Fan Part 1 (Intro Course) Student

“As a busy professional, sticking to a personal dance practice is difficult, but with Victoria’s coaching & the convenience & ease of online lessons, my motivation is at an all time high. Victoria is brimming with unique tips, tricks, and advice to get the most out of your individual practice away from studio classes. Victoria is the mentor I’ve been looking for to sustain my ambitions!”

Professional Dancer

“I had the occasion to work with Victoria in order to prepare for a belly dance competition. She made me a beautiful fan choreography & coached me during three months. I improved my technique so much & I learned how to dance with a Teel Fan. I won the the silver medal in the fusion category, I am so grateful! I recommend everyone to take classes with Victoria!”

Professional Dancer

Hello, I'd just like to tell you that I absolutely loved the classes. They were fun and your detailed explanations helped me understand and catch onto possible mistakes quite fast. Even though I only saw you through a screen and couldn't join the classes live I felt like I was getting immediate feedback through your style of teaching. Thank you for a great course!

Teel Fan Part 1 (Intro Course) Student

Victoria Teel is a fabulous teacher! I got so much out of this class. Her instructions helped me to break some of my fan veil bad habits, gave me the confidence and tools to perform signature Teel Moves, and just solidified in my brain how much I love her as a dancer and person.

Teel Fan Part 1 (Intro Course)

New to Victoria's fan style?

Start here! She has created two courses for beginners to her fan style & will coach you through each special move & transition.

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